Sheela-na-Gig aka Jeanne Rathbone

May 6th Election day and my birthday.

Posted in Uncategorized by sheelanagigcomedienne on May 4, 2010

I am 64 on this Election Day May 6th. I share it with Sigmund Freud, Tony Blair and George Clooney.

Now I am sixty four I can report that we probably do need each other and that he is the one to do the feeding – I am no longer much of a kitchen person though I cook the rhubarb, leeks, parsnips and other tasty produce from his allotment.

I have written to four of our candidates about the divisiveness of ‘Faith’ schools. I had attended hustings organised by the Battersea Society and posed the question. The repsonses were predictable and disappointing. The glib answer from the green party  Guy Evans whose email address was that of Foxton’s, the brash estate agents was along the lines of it did him no harm as it helped him to wake up at 7.30 in the morning!  It seemed to me that they all took the same defensive attitude like that of the pro-corporal punishment folk used to take about it not doing them any harm. The three main party candidates are united in keeping religious schools. Some trainee journalists questioned Martin Linton afterwards about secondary schools in Battersea and, of course, he had to admit that there are only two and one is Cathholic and that there is a campaign for a third state secondary where the parents are adamant that they want it to be non-religious. I told them of the incident when I served on the Admissions and Exclusions Appeal Panel at Wandsworth Council when a child was  refused entry to Salesian College because he said WHICH instead of WHO when he began to recite the Lord’s prayer thus revealing that he was not ‘cathecised’  by the Church headed by the Pope. That is, of coure, the same Pope who described the rape of children by his priests as ‘petty gossip’. What bullies these bastards are.

Martin will lose on Thursday and Battersea, wonderful Red Battersea will turn blue again.  New Labour had their chances to reverse some of the awful Thatcherite legacy but tinkered about instead allowing the banks, privatisation, debt,  consumerism etc. to continue and thus increasing the gap between rich and poor like never before.

What next?


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