Sheela-na-Gig aka Jeanne Rathbone

Dave, Sally, Marek, Ian and Joan 1986 Ceili. Marek died 4th June 2010.

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This was taken at a ceili that I organised in 1986 at The Polish White Eagle Club in Balham with a small grant from Wandsworth council entertainments committee.

Marek died on Friday 4th June. aged 54. Ian Blake died young of a heart attack some years ago. We knew Marek through the Labour Party and he became a lodger in our home before he met Sally and went to live with her. They went on to have two sons Lester and Billy and they attended Sheringdale School where Joan was Head. Sally had decided to move to Southfields in order to get them into Joan’s school!

Marek became ill at the New Year but went on holiday to India before going to the doctors. His boys and a friend managed to get him to the Fulham game in Hamburg in his wheelchair. Lester had to get very assertive with the club in order to get him a disabled ticket as a seeming catch 22 stated that he was NOT registered disabled with them!

Marek was a lovable rascal. He was handsome and popular with women. He frequented the pubs in the Southfields area and his funeral was well attended by many of those friends and acquaintances as well as his old mates, work colleagues and his Polish family. He loved his music and he bought me a vinyl record of the Kurt Weill song ‘Take me to the whiskey bar’  for one of my birthdays. We still have the 25 year old brandy he gave to us for our 25th anniversary. We will miss his appearances at parties when he came and could stay all night if you let him.


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