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Entertaining an 18 year old grand nephew.

Posted in Uncategorized by sheelanagigcomedienne on August 22, 2010

Dillon is my grand nephew and he stayed with us for six days. He has just come over from Ireland and was staying with his aunt Aoife in north London who was going on holiday and did not want him left on his own in their place. He was over for six weeks with a return ticket to see if he would try working here as the recession in Ireland is dire for unemployment. As he had been on an art foundation course and had been interested in graphic art I assumed that he was interested in pursuing a career in that direction. So, I planned to take him to galleries using my memberships of Tate to see Rude Britannia and the RA Summer exhibition which we did. However, he disclosed that he did not desire to and could not work in graphics producing stuff on command but was interested in the Fire service or coastguards!. He is now got the physique of a rugby player and has been involved in gymnastics and mixed martial arts for years. His mother Maire trained in drama but also teaches gymnastics and had brought him up as a single parent as his father lived in New York before he returned with his wife to Ireland. Interestingly, Dillon’s stepfather and his stepmother are both American.

So, he went to an employment agency and was immediately designated as a potential labourer. Don’t know if old stereotypes are working here. He thinks he will be back in a few weeks when his National Insurance card is processed which is necessary to obtain a health and safety certificate to work in the building industry. He then hopes to apply to the London Fire Brigade to become a firefighter.

We took him for a drink at one of our local pubs the Goat and he was asked for ID and had, of course, remembered to take his passport with him! This was a new experience for me.

So was our trip to the charity shops to get him a tie to match the shirt of Dave’s that he liked which we had given him so that he can attend a Debs dance next week with a girl from the mercy Convent. I got him three ties to choose from for when he meets with the girl to get her approval as to the one she thinks best matches her navy dress. I did, of course, share with him my thoughts on the tie as phallic symbol. However, he disagrees and said he likes the idea of dressing up and wearing a tie. I suppose it is the most obvious symbol of a boy dressing like a man. I told him that in the old days the first stage for a boy’s initiation was when he got his first pair of long trousers which were often not even new for them but hand me downs. I am sure he will have a jolly time at the Debs ball in the Ardilaun hotel. He says lots of his mates are also going but the girl is an ex and I hope she has no expectations of rekindling anything.

The thought of having a debs ball organised by the Dominican Convent is beyond me but having to ask a boy to be one’s escort is intriguing. I wonder who I would have asked assuming that I wouldn’t have rebelliously shunned the notion.


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