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Reply to an item on free schools/academies

Posted in Uncategorized by sheelanagigcomedienne on February 7, 2011

I responded to this advice to schools written by Fiona Millar.

I do so agree with Politique about reminding New Labour of their role in the the awful push for academies etc. I am an old Labour Party member here in Battersea and our ex MP Martin Linton was in favour of a new academy/free school being set up in a most wealthy part of the Borough. The free school lobby were told by the Tory Council previously that there were enough secondary places but then changed their mind in their usual unseemly haste to embrace ultra divisive Tory education policy after the election.
As a Humanist I am utterly disgusted with all those people who, even now, refuse to talk a principled stance against the expansion of religious schools. I believe, in time, that the notion of educational apartheid on the basis of parents supernatural religious beliefs will be seen as anathema to good education and ‘community cohesion’.

Cameron asks for ‘muscular liberalsim’ but I think we should all be speaking out against ALL religious apartheid especially in education and NOT single out Islam. This all-party contradictory acceptance of the role of religion in politics and social life must be challenged. Having been brought up in Ireland I am still surprised at how theocratic Britain is and how timid people are in speaking out and challenging the role and influence of religion in everyday life. As a Humanist celebrant I get pissed off at the patronising remarks I get about coming from a Cathollic country when they can’t see whats happening here with the increase in religious privilege and the divisiveness caused by it.
Its about time that those concerned about the free schools and academies speak out against ALL religious schools..


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