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Thursday 17th June for the Lewisham Humanist Group 50th Anniversay celebrations. It was a jolly night. Barbara Smoker aged 87 was one of the first members of the group and she spoke about some of her run ins with the powers that be. She is such a trooper. I saw her and Denis Cobell on the following Sunday at the ONE LAW FOR ALL  demo against Sharia Law held on Whitehall opposite Downing Street. Barbara wore a gold dress for the golden jubilee and she said she last wore same dress at her parents golden wedding in 1972 but found it very scratchy!.

Andrew Copson CEO of the BHA did a presentation, Denis spoke and we had a very funny presentation from cartoonist Martin Rowson from The Guardian/New Humanist acfter my set we had our very own bluesman Billy Jenkins, nephew of the ex Bishop of Durham whose sceptical pronouncements on virgin birth etc caused some stirring within the C of E.

I suspect my sexual material was a bit much for some of the folk though others  enjoyed it. We had to get buses back as there had been a fatality on the railway. Poor Andrew who lives in Haringey didn’t arrive home till one. We enjoyed our  quick night bus jaunt.


Monday 8th march 2010. INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY at Inn on the Green, Ladbroke Grove including Wotsername, Becky Fury and SHEELA-NA -GIG.


I shall be gigging at The Metropolitan 60 Western Road W11,  30 metres from Westbourne Park station on Wednesday  17th February. This has been organised by Becky from the Trilogy bunch and it is a cabaret/comedy night starting 8.00. It should be fun.

kaos management incorporated is proud to present

no f**kin frills,does what it says on the tin comedy/cabaret upstairs@ the Metropolitan Pub, Westbourne Park London, W11 1AB (30 metres from Westbourne park tube)Weds 17/Feb/2010

an evening of high end bargain basement culture, comedy cabaret and variety entertainment with a prozac sunshine smile…… a car crash of high and low culture…..featuring the reputable (and disreputable) talent s of

Miss Laura Mugridge amused moose laugh off semi finalist and all round cute funny girl “one to watch” chortle

Sheela-na-gig masturbating female pagan icon and  female Rab C Nesbitt

Whatsername kitchen  sink drama queen and high priestess of the sewer that is comic spokenword and


Plus delicately disturbing, erotic exotica and comic new work from Lucy Hutson, Fergus Rougier, Penny Bizzare

and your host….that most desirable of undesirables Becky Fury.

You lucky lucky parasites.

I really enjoyed seeing and meeting up with many of the TRILOGY troupe and performing my act as I felt that it was very much because of Sheela-na-Gig that I got involved with the she BAC show.  It is always orgasmic to gig before a warm and supportive audience. Dave came and appreciated my new material as did Joan, Ann  and Marie and Claire , my sister-in-law and niece.  There was a mysogynistic/masochistic man who came on first to set the scene and insure that things could only get better. It was great to see and hear Laura, Becky and Lucy- all diverse in style. I loved Becky’s cheeky burlesque, Lucy’s mellifluous voice and Laura’s charming deliveryof her quirky material. I am sure we will have a few more such reunions and it was nice coming back on the 28 bus with Susanna and getting a chance to speak with her. It was interesting seeing Tony Allen as the reputed ‘godfather’ of alternative comedy in action supporting the gig. I did enjoy the male burlesque artiste Fergus.



Expect passion, beauty and a band of female volunteer dancers in this radical performance, delivered with relentless, raw energy. Spanning three striking parts, Trilogy takes its shape as a celebratory venture into modern-day feminism.

Part anarchic celebration, part educational presentation, part reaction to the raucous, extraordinary 1970s feminist panel discussion Town Bloody Hall, Green and her superb company give their all in this thrilling show designed to challenge, inspire and make way for positive change.

‘It’s joyous, life-affirming stuff’ **** The List

‘Sometimes you see a piece of theatre that makes your heart sing… Nic Green’s Trilogy is such a work’
***** Guardian


I am planning to take part in this show at BAC. Liz Moreton, one of the producers whom I met when I was involved with Universality Challenge invited me to participate in this show which she said she found amazing.  I told Liz, that I wasn’t bothered about the nudity despite having impressive stretch marks and tummy scars but was concerned about the cold. Apparently, Health and Safety will ensure that we are warm and I am sure there are laws about the nearness of the audience to the naked artistes. There was something about this in the film ‘Mrs Henderson Presents’ except that was about burlesque and this is not, definitely not. This is feminist and therefore in the best possible taste.

TRILOGY  sounds like a cross between Calender Girls and HAIR- the musical. I asked two friends if they would care to join me in this venture but they were too busy. So, I will have to go it alone and hope that I am not the only pensioner.

I was the token OAP.


UNIVERSALITY CHALLENGE at BAC Friday 4th December 2009.

Tonight I am going to be team captain of the Battersea Bees for Universality Challenge competing against Kings College London.

This will be videod for an installation in Nottingham 2011. The Kings College team were all white young males. The Battersea team were diverse in terms of age, gender and ethnicity. I don’t really like panel games and competitions. They are male inventions, therefore suspect. It was fun and I found Yara, the presenter, quite sweet as were the other team members. I already knew Cllr Tony Belton, leader of the Labour group on Wandsworth Council. Of course, my association with Battersea Arts Centre goes back to its inception when I was one of the group of the original Friends of Battersea Arts Centre. Jude Kelly was the first Artistic Director of the independently run trust. It felt quite nostalgic participating in a show there.

As a former parent and ex-school Governor of Belleville, Highview and Falconbrook Schools and as an ‘Appeals panel member for Admissions and Exclusions’ for Wandsworth I believe using feeder schools as the admissions criteria is wrong as the proposed Bolingbroke is based in one the most affluent and Conservitive parts of the Borough. Given this exception, to base on feeder schools, is seen as blatant kowtowing to the affluent, vociferous, middle-class, free-school lobby and much resented by parents in other parts of the Borough. It is a bad precedence.

Many people who are interested in planned schools admission policy have asked for a Borough wide meeting with the Council but they have refused. However it would be preferable if such a meeting was organised by a neutral group like the three Wandsworth Amenity Societies but supported/funded by Ark if you want to show that you are genuinely concerned about fairness in education provision and schools admission policies.


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