Sheela-na-Gig aka Jeanne Rathbone

Evening Standard AV debate.

Posted in Uncategorized by sheelanagigcomedienne on April 11, 2011

I had submitted a question to the organisers of the debate about the lack of women on such panels. I ended up heckling because Clive Anderson seemed to only asking men their questions while I saw plenty of women with their hands up. I did get a chance but Clive Anderson did NOT ask the panelists for their response and just trivialised it all as he asked Ken Livingstone why he wasn’t a women!

The Evening Standard diarist the following evening mentioned an audience member ‘lambasting the panel for being all male’. I am a lambaster and proud of it.

My question was : ‘In the interest of democracy, representation and equality I wanted to know their response to the suggestion that ‘Any man of integrity who speaks on such panels should agree only to appearing if their is some semblance of a gender balance – at least one token woman.’

The onus would be on the organisers, Chair and panelists to show that they give a damn about women participating in public debate on isssues that affect us all. I reckon women should start to boycott such events.

Clive Anderson, as Chair, made some snide remarks but did NOT put the question to the panelists.

I would like to know what he and they would have said in their defense and whether they would be prepared to take a stance on this.

For oldie women like me it feels like nothing has changed and that things are getting worse under the bloody coalition which has lurched to the right of Thatcher and headed by a bunch of public schoolboys.


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