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Historic meeting of two female heads of state and near neighbours -one a President of the Republic of Ireland and the other Queen of 6/32 counties of Ireland which her Government refuse to hand back to the Irish people.

Posted in Queen's visit to Ireland by sheelanagigcomedienne on May 19, 2011
The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh meet Irish President Mary McAleese (left)

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh meet Irish President Mary McAleese

The Queen’s visit to Ireland  is throwing up some confusion as to how some folk, especially Republicans, are supped to behave and react. This first visit of a British monarch for a hundred years, just like the papal visit to Britain, should have been a private visit. President Mary Mc Aleese wanted to leave her mark on history before her term expires.

I read that  4-7 year old children were invited to ask questions of the Queen of Hearts. There was some reporting of these questions in the the Irish press which were in dispute.  “What colour is your bicycle?” says one question. “What’s your favourite princess dress?” says another and another asks: “Are there skeletons in the dungeon?”

In the original, children’s questions were said to include: “Do you have a pink hairbrush?” And: “Do you kill people?”  Apparently, these were  incorrect and have been deleted and must have been put there by gremlins or leprauchans!

I am sure we could imagine many more as to what could have emerged from ‘the mouths of babes and sucklings’ especially about the recent great big, fat English wedding of one of her grandsons and queries about Catholics NOT being allowed to be King or Queen of the United Kingdom of great Britain and northern Ireland.

Here are some protesters and/or dissidents who are depicted as ardent republicans but most Irish people regard a divided Ireland as ‘unfinished business’ and  reckon that a united Ireland is inevitable, sometime. This makes them Republicans. Most think that the security bill for this visit is a bit hefty at a time when Ireland is bankrupt, broke and in huge debt.




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