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Count Rupert Murdoch – Papal Knight. This is not a misspelling!! and he is entitled to be addressed as HIS EXCELLENCY.

Posted in Merde to Murdock by sheelanagigcomedienne on July 19, 2011

Here is a piece from the National Secular Society about Sir Rupe – toady of the Vatican. The Murdock’s are not a Catholic family –  but upholders of Catholic values!! It is bestowed on people of ‘unblemished character’. It adds a whole new dimension to the scandals of the News International/News of the World and their crusades against paedophiles and of the vile revealations of the paedophile priests and the papal cover-ups.

According to wikipedia members of the order have no privileges, except the right of riding on a horse inside Saint Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City, a right that has not recently been exercised and Knights Grand Cross of the Order are entitled to be addressed with the style His/Her Excellency in front of their name. Those appointed must progressively maintain, by continued meritorious deed, the reputation and trust they had already inspired, and prove themselves worthy of the honour that had been conferred on them, by unswerving fidelity to God and to the sovereign Pontiff. We ask: Has HE proved himself by unswerving fidelity to God and the Pope?

There has been some debate among Catholics as to whether Rupert Murdoch should be asked by the Vatican to return the papal medal he was awarded in 1998. He was recommended for the medal after he gave large amounts to a Catholic “education” fund. After he was “knighted” by the pope, the media tycoon then donated another $10 million to help build a cathedral.

But now that it has been revealed to what depths the Murdoch empire stooped to accumulate this fortune, Catholics are asking if the Order of St Gregory should be replaced with the order of the boot.In another development, it was revealed that Murdoch’s son, James, paid £100,000 to the Catholic Church in order to gain a personal audience with the pope during his visit to Britain last September.

Catholic commentator Francis Davis said: “Given the importance that the English bishops have attached to ethics in business since the banking crisis, it would now be extraordinary if the bishops were not to review the ethical provenance of this donation. And perhaps it raises questions about other donations we don’t know about.”

Terry Sanderson, President of the National Secular Society, said: “There is now no doubt that the Murdoch fortune has been made partially on the back of illegal, not to mention immoral, activities. So, given that the money he donated is tainted with sin, will the morally righteous Vatican be sending it back and washing its hands of it? Or does money move only one way with the Vatican – and that’s in?” 


The Catholic Herald  Friday, 8 July 2011

Debate: Should Rupert Murdoch’s papal knighthood be rescinded?Rupert Murdoch, left, and Cardinal Edward Egan at the Alfred E Smith fundraising dinner in New York. ( Daddy’s cousin Michael Joe Egan who was a solicitor in Castlebar Co Mayo was also a  Knight of Malta)

In 1998 Rupert Murdoch was made a Knight Commander of St Gregory. He had apparently been recommended for the honour by Cardinal Roger Mahony, after giving money to a Church education fund. A year later he donated $10 million to help build Los Angeles Catholic cathedral.

Is it right that papal knighthoods should be awarded in this way? The honour is supposed to recognise a person’s service to the Church. Certainly, Murdoch’s money has helped the Church; but surely there are many, many faithful Catholics, whose tireless service to the Church goes unacknowledged, who deserve to be honoured much more.

And is Rupert Murdoch a person the Church should celebrate? He owns – or did own – a newspaper that lost its moral bearings; he ought to bear some responsibility for that.

On the other hand, rescinding his papal knighthood might be difficult to justify. Other papal knights may also have flaws. Where do you set the bar? So, should Rupert Murdoch’s papal knighthood be rescinded? Or is it fair to honour someone who has helped the Church financially? In 1998 the reaction of Catholics in Britain was almost unanimously negative.

Deborah Jones, editor of the Catholic Herald, said: “We have been receiving a much larger mailbag that usual, about 99 per cent of it asking: `What the hell is the church doing giving him a knighthood?’

“The great majority are complaining about page 3 girls and soft pornography in his newspapers and on his satellite channels. Some of the more thoughtful ones are expressing concern over his monopolistic tendencies and his [legal] reluctance to pay taxes. Worst of all, it does the church no good at all because it gives the impression that these honours can be bought.”

Ann Widdicombe, erotic dancer, ex Tory MP and Catholic convert, said she was “astonished” at the award and added: “I hope that now … he might feel obliged to make some of his newspapers conform to Catholic teachings. It is never too late for a sinner to repent.”

So, what does Widders think now? Does she still think he might repent or is she one of little faith? Not that I have any respect for an anti-feminist woman who joins such an obnoxious religious sect because the one she belonged to was thinking of allowing women to become Bishops.

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