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Congratulations Phones4u on winking Jesus ad, shame on ASA

Posted in Atheism, Magic tricks/miracles, Secularism, Winking Jesus ad pulled by sheelanagigcomedienne on September 12, 2011

Phones4U has been criticised by the ad watchdog for “mocking and belittling” Christianity in a national press campaign that featured a winking Jesus and the headline “miraculous deals”.

The ad featured an illustration of Jesus Christ grinning broadly and winking with an image of the Sacred Heart on his chest, alongside the headline, “Miraculous deals on Samsung Galaxy Android phones”. It was created by Adam & Eve. Media was planned by the7stars.

I have sent this email to Phones4U

I was disgusted when I heard about them pulling your very funny ad with the winking/wanking Jesus. We have gor rid of the ridiculous blasphemy law and now finding the ASA voluntarily acting as if there is one. It is crucial that we are allowed to mock religiolus nonsense about miracles and supernatural hocum especially as it is still being passed on to children, by law, in our school as though it was true.

I hope this turns out to be more favourable to you as a result. Thumbs up to you.

I object to the ASA pulling the Phones4U ad with a winking Jeus on religious grounds that it would offend Christians . WE DO NOT HAVE BLASPHEMY LAWS. As an atheist/Humanist I object to religious/supernaturalists having privileges over the rest of us. The ASA is going way beyonds its powers in giving in to a tiny handful of religious nutters who claim they are offended or in seeing offense when there is none.

Your religious bias is becoming very apparent as when, for instance, you tried to stop the British Humanist Association ad on getting the non-religious to tick No Religion on the census form.

We will have to petition for your abolition and replacement with an objective committee without a religious bias.


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