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Frank Skinner, Catholic atheist-basher talks to Bishop in Canterbury Cathedral.

Posted in Atheism, Comedy Circuit by sheelanagigcomedienne on September 24, 2011

I have found Skinner unfunny and a sneering, smug, football-obsessed Catholic comedian. I don’t know how he got TV exposure- probably the usual male commissioning producer looking for laddish, working class bloke for bland, late night slot.

I found this item on The Chortle website  – almost a women free  zone .

Frank Skinner

Frank Skinner has claimed that atheists are as big a threat to humanity as climate change deniers.

In a conversation with the Archbishop of Canterbury last night, the Catholic comedian said: ‘Atheists we might see as people like those who deny global warming. You might celebrate their right, and defend their freedom of speech, to deny global warming – but if they’re wrong, and millions of other people have taken their view, then it could end in a terrible, terrible disaster for a lot of people.’

Later in the event at Canterbury Cathedral, Skinner added that the world’s religions should unite to combat the threat, saying the beliefs they have in common are far greater than their differences.

‘At a time when secularism is a threat to the salvation of millions, believers should get together, find what we have in common, and sell that,’ he said.

Skinner said that it was no longer fashionable to have faith. ‘On the comedy circuit, it’s incredibly cool to be an atheist.

‘I’ve just been to the Edinburgh Fringe and even if it was nothing to do with anything else they were saying, most comics would take three or four minutes to explain they were atheists, just to tick the box of “cool comic”. You have to have tight jeans, you have to have hair that looks like a chrysanthemum and you have to be an atheist if you want to be a cool modern comic.’

There’s too much apologising – and I’m afraid the English Anglicans are bad at this – for the magic in religion, making concessions on the virgin birth or the resurrection. Don’t give in to them!

APPLAUSE from AUDIENCE in CANTERBURY CATHEDRAL for this man –  Frank Skinner, aka Christopher Collins, middle-aged celibate who disapproves of comedians who wear tight jeans and approves of  neat ones with brylcreamed hair, phallic ties with suits and are believers in a virgin who gives birth to a man , who claims he is a god and rises up from the dead!!!

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