Sheela-na-Gig aka Jeanne Rathbone

Mr Burns MP said we were ZOMBIE-LIKE.

Posted in NOT zombie-like, Politics, Writing to my MP by sheelanagigcomedienne on November 23, 2011

Mr Burns MP (not  Homer Simpson’ s boss) said that those of us who write to our MPs via action groups 38 Degrees are zombie- like.

So I have emailed Jane EllisonMP to ask if she concurs with him.

Dear Jane,

I am upset at being called zombie- like by your colleague Mr Burns because I write to you with my democratic concerns. He accuses us of being frightened into writing to our MPs. Yes, I am angry, concerned, frightened, appalled etc at some of these policies and their consequences when the wealthy, millionaire MPs, the bankers, the overpaid are NOT taking their share of the responsibility of the mess we are in.  I am frightened at the way the NHS, Care Services for the elderly, benefits for disabled etc are being cut. I am frightened/concerned at the high level of unemployment for young people and the way that so many coalition policies impact so badly on women etc, etc.

Could you reassure me you do not agree with Mr Burns on his accusations against those of us who DO take the time and effort to write to our MPs whether directly or via 38 Degrees.


And here is the reply from her office.  IT is official my MP does NOT consider me to be  a ZOMBIE.

Dear Ms Rathbone,

Jane has asked me to drop you a quick line about the below.

Jane definitely doesn’t consider you a zombie at all, and frequently speaks of how much she enjoys her conversations with you at various Battersea Society events.

You’ll be pleased to know that Jane responds to each and every email and letter she receives and has replied to literally thousands of constituents this year on a range of issues, some of whom have written in as part of 38 Degrees campaigns.

She is, as ever, very grateful to you for the time you take to share your concerns with her.

Yours sincerely,

John Hall

Parliamentary Assistant to Jane Ellison MP

Battersea, Balham & Wandsworth

* House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA


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