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Counting Women In Campaign – my comments.

Posted in Counting Women In Campaign. by sheelanagigcomedienne on November 30, 2011

I had added a comment on the Counting Women In Campaign.  They got back to me and asked if it could be included, with editing,  on their website. Originally, I had written I support this because, in the words of Rebecca West: I  am not a doormat.

I sent another piece and they responded  Thanks for your detailed response. We have a fantastic editor who has created an extract to put onto the website!

I responded :

Its fine. I feel like the lad from The Fast Show when I say ‘Aren’t editors brilliant’  I guess my life needs a good editor!

Counting Women In | The campaign for equal representation of

Jeanne Rathbone, Labour Party member

‘I support Counting Women IN but I am concerned about trying to encourage women to squeeze into male dominated institutions without changing the culture of these institutions.

‘I thought differently back in the late sixties when I joined the Labour Party and as a burgeoning feminist I went on to become convener of our constituency Women’s Section. In 1982, the two constituencies north and south Battersea were to be amalgamated and as the local applicants were men I decided to enter the fray. At one ward selection meeting one questioner started by saying “Now, Jeanne love, we know that you know all about women but….’ I can’t remember his query or areas of policy he pursued but felt so patronised and belittled. It certainly put me off the idea that women should be trying to play the political game by men’s rules.

‘I believe that we have to challenge the legitimacy of all male/predominantly male platforms by putting the onus on men to refuse to be involved in unrepresentative platforms. We need equal participation of women in politics to counter the dire changes that have occurred in the past few decades without women on board.’


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