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Voices of Radicalism part of Labour Midwinter Revue 2011

Posted in Battersea Labour Revue - The Voices of Radicalism by sheelanagigcomedienne on December 19, 2011

Battersea Labour held a Midwinter Revue in Battersea Lower Town Hall on Sunday 11th December 2011 celebrating the left in music, satire and drama with Battersea stars Timothy West, Prunella Scales, Clause IV, Junction Jazz and more. Here are some pages from the programme.  A VERY SUCCESSFUL FUN AND FUND RAISER.

I played Charlotte Despard who was an amazing women. She was born in 1945 and stood for Battersea at the 1918 General election. Her biography was subtitled – Socialist, Suffragette and Sinn Feiner. I was given this photo of Charlotte by a family after I had conducted a funeral for their cousin who lived in Battersea and whose father had been an MP. She always wore a mantilla.

I asked Aengus to video Dave, Joan and myself as I assumed that someone was officially recording it.  I was wrong! So this is all we have on  video.

Voices of Radicalism, Battersea Labour Revue

Here are the cast lists


Compere – Penny Corfield Chairman – Timothy West Music / Secretary – Andy Gibbons

Thomas Rainborough – Simon Hogg

Leveller – Will Martindale

Gerard  Winstanley – Dave Rathbone

Thomas Paine – Mark Rowney

Mary Wollstonecraft – Joan O’Pray

Tolpuddle Duo – Pippa Sparkes; Su Elliott

Oldest Living Chartist – Tony Belton

Keir Hardie – Gregory Cox

Charlotte Despard – Jeanne Rathbone

Member Who is Never Called To Speak – Robin Miller

Lavender Ladies – Pippa Sparkes, Su Elliott, Ruth Raymond, Robin Miller

WOW Women – WOW Women. 


                                                                                        UPSETTING THE COALITION APPLECART


Compere – Penny Corfield

George Osborne – Rob Blackwood

Voice of BLP/ News vendor – Su Elliott

David Cameron – Timothy West

Nick Clegg – Ruth Raymond

Theresa May – Robin Miller

Prince Charles – Gregory Cox

Queen – Prunella Scales

Trumpeter – Martin Linton

Lavender Ladies – Pippa Sparkes, Su Elliott, Ruth Raymond, Robin Miller

Here is plug for our DVD  RED BATTERSEA Marin Linton emailed

It’s not often historians create history, but this will live on in my memory – and I’m sure many others – as the best event Battersea Labour Party has ever put on. Helped in no small measure by the all the great actors we have among our members, but at least as much by unexpectedly talented amateurs in our midst and, as befits a political party, good organisation in the background. Many thanks to everyone involved.

Next challenge – the London elections!


Here is a photo taken at a party Young At Heart with Robin, Su and Dave ‘ wearing a white sports coat and a pink carnation- all dressed up for the dance’



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