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IKEA flat -pack coffins NOT available.

Posted in Death festival Southbank., Flat pack coffins, Funerals in the community by sheelanagigcomedienne on February 2, 2012

Hi to all those who have been searching for information on IKEA flat -pack coffins. They still do NOT make them or sell them. Sorry!! I still wish they would and that people would assemble them and use them for storage/coffee table. Klaps coffin design ikeaFlat pack coffin design

We continue to have a squeamish attitude to death that those of us who are involved with funerals as non-supernaturalists/religious are trying to challenge. No one has left a comment so I do not know why there is a large upsurge in visits to this page in early May 2015. This happens to coinicide ironically with the General Election which has such dire results allowing the smuggest Bullingdon Bully to return to making the rich richer by selling off as much of the publicly owned assets like the NHS, social care and so many other services that should never, ever be in the hands of profit makers. Is there a connection with this sudden interest in DIY coffins, death and funerals I ask?

Maybe someone will start a campaign to persuade IKEA that they should a adopt a sensible Scandinavian approach to death and produce a FLAT-PACK COFFIN now. It would be a popular item and makes sound business sense.

Spoof IKEA ad

Spoof IKEA ad

The BHA had a stall at the Southbank Death Festival 28/29th January 2012. I did my stint on Sunday. It was very busy and great to get an entertaining and high profile opportunity for the public to attend an event that is all about death and funerals. I spoke with some lovely people including Jane, the mother of Josh whose funeral video is on youtube. Remembering Josh – The Good Funeral Guide.  I had first seen this on  Charles Cowling’s The Good Funeral Guide blog and Charles joined Jane and her son Joe in a session and  entitled ‘All you ever wanted to know about funerals’ .

I got an opportunity to talk to Rosie Inman-Cook of the Natural Death Centre  about my interest/campaign  in getting non-religious ceremonies in the community and only using the crematorium for the committal. There were some quirky coffins on display and The Natural Death Centre had youngsters decorating a coffin. I decided it was time that I asked IKEA, again, if they would consider providing flat-pack coffins.  The last time I wrote to them they told me that ‘the item Madam referred to is not currently available in IKEA.

Comments and questions: I attended a wonderful Death festival at
London’s Southbank staffing the British Humanist Association stall.
We all got around to talking about coffin and choices and the idea
of having a flat pack coffin/casket. And almost everone said ‘Why
don’t we ask IKEA if they would consider supplying one’
> So I am asking you if you would consider supplying DIY flat pack
coffins for people who like the idea of decorating their own coffin.

> We are very interested in your response.
> Many thanks
> Yours sincerely
> Jeanne Rathbone

Hello Jeanne

Thank you very much for your product proposal.

Unfortunately we have to inform you that IKEA of Sweden AB has
decided to refrain from taking in external product suggestions.

We hereby respectifully decline your suggestion thank you once again
for the confidence you have shown in our company.

If you have any questions about the range please contact your local
customer service or the IKEA store.

Best regards,
IKEA Customer Care Center

I am disappointed that I can get no further response from them. Maybe someone else could try a different approach.Please.

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  1. Barry Spearman said, on May 12, 2015 at 12:32 am

    Hello Jeanne, I was interested to read your piece on Flat pack coffins which I think would be great idea. However, I know of cases where a Funeral Director has refused to do a funeral where the family bought their own coffin direct from the maker at a saving of over €1000. I make handcrafted Fibreglass Composite Headstones, which are roughly half the price of traditional stone ones and are completely maintenance free and even repairable if damaged. They`re also hollow to act as Urns and hold ashes.The trade didnt want to know about these either as I was trying to keep funerals costs down. They dont like that, theres a huge rip off going on out there with funerals. Ive launched a website to try to do something about it. But Im afraid people dont plan in advance and leave things until the ;last minute when they`re not thinking straight, then its like lambs to the slaughter when they go to make the arrangements.

    • sheelanagigcomedienne said, on May 12, 2015 at 9:02 am

      Hi Barry,

      Yes, the funeral business is so conservative and about their profit making. But we have to keep challenging. I expect that you have contacted websites/organisations like The GOOD funeral Guide, Final Fling, Natural Death Centre, Death Cafes etc.
      Best of luck in your enterprise.

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