Sheela-na-Gig aka Jeanne Rathbone

PaperGirl Art London and Grayson Perry Tapestries.

Posted in RECLAIM THE CROSS ART PROJECT by Jeanne Rathbone by sheelanagigcomedienne on June 9, 2012

I submitted one of my crosses from my RECLAIM THE CROSS ART PROJECT  on Friday 8th June to PaperGirl at Free Space Gallery

MY CROSS MUST HAVE BEEN REJECTED AS IT WAS NOT INCLUDED IN THE EXHIBITION depite the Thanks for sending in your wonderful work for PaperGirl London. I sent email from to Mel who runs the gallery asking if this rejection was based on censorship, artistic merit or some technical criteria. In the absence of a reply I will assume that it is CENSORSHIP.  

Got a reply: I am afraid it was neither but a technical thing that kept your piece down. We could only use white tack to keep things on the walls and after many tries it kept falling down. We had it out at the evening event on the Thursday. It will be handed out with the other works on the cycle road. Sorry about this.

 My paranoia was unfounded – a tad disappointed that it wasn’t a victim of censorship only its weight and shape let it down as the white tack couldn’t cope with it. My crosses are 3 dimensional and really only suited to being hung as a mobile. They are best suited as an installation as they look best as a group. So, any curators out there,  my CROSSES need to be housed in any suitable free standing spaces.

Papergirl London  is a project that was started by Aisha Ronniger in 2006 as a reaction to Graffiti laws in Berlin. The idea behind it was to bring art to new audiences via the giving of an unexpected gift.They just get volunteers to throw them from their bikes as they cycle around the city.


As my crosses are made from recycled materials and therefore ephemeral I decided to submit one. my art « SheelanaGig aka Jeanne Rathbone    A small percentage from any sales will go to the BHA!

These crosses are my response to being made cross every time I have to ask to have them removed from the crematorium as they should not be there as they are municipal premises and not religious establishments – another example of religious infiltration. As a result I am made to feel like a vampire.

Side 1 is made using Dave’s sheet music for Die Fledermaus which was rescued from the recycling and the ribbons are from my collection of those I cut off from any new clothes which has them attached for hanging up-  its a woman thing! Mens shirts/tops don’t have them. I find them irritating and redundant. They now get incorporated on my crosses as well as buttons and old jewellry etc.

Side 2. I’ve used cuttings from old copies of The Freethinker. I used to subscribe to this for some years but got so pissed off at how male it is which is, sadly, typical of the anti-god squad. They used to have a photo caption competition which produced some funny results.

After I had dropped of my cross I popped into the Victoria Miro Gallery to see the GRAYSON PERRY tapestries. Brilliant


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