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Yoko Ono, serendipity and vox pop on PEACE for the Olympics.

Posted in Vox pop on Peace for the Olympics, Yoko Ono exhibition by sheelanagigcomedienne on July 5, 2012

I was vox popped in my way to the Serpentine Gallery to view the Yoko Ono exhibition. The  exhibition is somewhat pretentious although I thought the updating of CUT PIECE with an 80 year old Yoko is interesting. I did do a photo for SMILE  but found the WISH TREE twee. The Summer Pavilion was quite interesting.

The Vox Pop was on PEACE for the Olympics. I waffled something about working together. On second thoughts I might have said this.

As a humanist and feminist I think we have to appeal to men to curb their aggression and power- as it has been men who have been in charge of politics, power, war, greedy capitalism and religion . Move over and let women share in those spheres of influence. The religions, invented by men,  with the notion of the all-powerful, superman God in their own image who demands obedience, is designed to control the masses with a subordinate role for women, is at the root of this problem. 

The young man from the media company ended up offering me a 30 second advertising slot if  I send him a clip of me promoting 2 in 1 Wedding /Baby Naming ceremonies for sensible couples who eschew extravangant weddings. That’s nice serendipity thanks to Yoko Ono.



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