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NT caves in to northern Irish protestants on origins of Giants causeway.

Posted in Creationists protestant lobby Northern Ireland, Giants Causeway NT controversy by sheelanagigcomedienne on July 9, 2012

The silly National Trust, of which I am a member, has caved in to thie views of creationists by including their ignorant  view of how the Giants Causeway and the earth was formed. It’s not that I am backing the Fionn Mac Cumhaill story which is also included as the origins of this phenomena either – even if I did name my son Fingal after the giant who was also the inspiration for the music Fingal’s Cave.

Here is a link to the petition requesting the NT to drop the reference to the creationist myth   Education Petition: The National Trust: Remove

They say the Giant’s Causeway was the stomping ground of giant Finn McCool, who lived in these parts nearly two thousand years ago. How else can you explain the Chimney stacks that mark his house? The Organ he built for his muscial son Oisín? Or the giant boot he left on the shore?

The Trust worked with an organisation called the Caleb Foundation, which represents the small minority of Christians who hold Creationist views. The Foundation’s chairman, Wallace Thompson, said he had “worked closely” with the National Trust and was pleased that the visitor’s centre “includes an acknowledgement … of the legitimacy of the creationist position”.

“This is, as far as we are aware, a first for the National Trust anywhere in the UK, and it sets a precedent for others to follow.

The NT has got some stick for this.

Here is my email to them.

As a NT member I was very annoyed at the NT for giving in to the religious lobby/creationists about information on the Giants Causeway by including the creationist mythology. Why on earth would we want to know anything about Christian religionists view of the world any more than their predecessors the ‘flat earthists’. Why did you give voice to religious beliefs on this, in particular?

As a Humanist and secularist I am disgusted by this promotion and endorsement by the NT of a nutty religious,  therefore anti-scientific, claim about the origins of the planet. 

It does really seem like you are a Christian organisation and defenders of the faith along with the Queen!

When it comes to Northern Ireland religion and politics are so bound up. The NT were probably not fully aware of what they were letting themselves in for and how they were being manipulated by the Caleb which is a Paisley endorsed organisation.  I don’t think it will help the NT cause if they are seen to be easily manipulated by religious, political and tourist lobbyists or with their wish to increase visitor numbers.  I do hope thay have learnt something from this.

I hope they and others will take note that acknowledging religious beliefs like creationism, or accepting religious practices like sharia law, ridiculous dress codes etc.  is actually divisive especially if they think it promotes their inclusiveness and ‘diversity’ awareness.

I remember reading an article about the NT being the secular version of the C of E with the visit to the tea rooms as equivalent to the ‘breaking of bread’.  I do always enjoy my trip to the cafe afterwards having seen how the wealthy aristocracy lived. It is a reminder that they were the 1%  and how we are the 99% gawping at this opulence that is now in the hands of the NT as some of the old money aristos could no longer afford the upkeep of their piles and estates.   Exit through gift shop, indeed.


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