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Monica Dennis Funeral and Obituary

Posted in Monica Dennis funeral, Monica Dennis Obituary by sheelanagigcomedienne on July 18, 2012

I had so many thoughts and memories to read and Rachel read the Mary Frye poem ‘Do not stand at grave and weep’ and the music chosen was Faure’s Pavane on entry, Vera Lynn singing Red Sails in the Sunset and ‘I guess I’ll Always love You‘ as we left.

Monica was 96 and had lived in Chelsea most of her life. She had 6 children Monica, Rodney, Alan, Ann, Marc and Jacquie, 14 grandchildren Neil, Sarah, David Kate, Paul, Simone,Simon, Dominic, Lizzie, Will, Thomas, Charlotte, Rachel and Nicholas,  and 14  great grandchildren – Siphie, Zach, Oliver, William, Zoe, Sam, Joseph, Noah, Matilda, Scarlet, Emer, Mollie, Wilfoe, Oliver and another due in December. She was one of seven children born to George and Jennie. She married Willy Dennis- “A good looking fella wigth a bit of red hair and lovely teeth”. He said: “He married a lamb and returned to a lion” – referring to their separation during the war. He served in north Africa, Italy and was in France for the D Day landings.  Monica was evacuated to Dunster and took her niece Maureen with her also.

Monica was a childminder – always looking after children – her own, her grandchildren even looking after Rachel for 4 months when she was 72.  She had looked after an American banker’s children and when one family went home they’d recommend her to the next family so she became Nanny Poppins. She was firm but fair, strict, a fighter, kind, loving, determined, full of energy, stamina, determination and impatience as any plan had to be implemented immediately and she was an early riser.

Trips to Richmond, holiday flat in Whitstable, Battersea Park and the zoo, Holland Park , Chelea Embankment Gardens and , of course, the King’s Road and Peter Jones and Tom and Daisy toy shop featured very much in the family memories as did food with her grandchildren – sausage, mash and bean princess castle, tea cake, biscuits, bread and butter pudding, a roast beef sandwich, lamb roast and Yorkshire pudding, home made chips, allowing sugar on their frosted flakes and a 99 ice cream after a walk. Memories of racing on the telly, and watching the buses and shoppers at World’s End and meeting cousins and uncles and aunts and lots of chatter and laughter.

It was a celebratory funeral and the family went to The Coach and Horses,  Kew Green for a lively gathering afterwards and I was told it became a very happy family occasion.    


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