Sheela-na-Gig aka Jeanne Rathbone

Serendipity with two recent funerals.

Posted in Serendipity and coincidence with two recent funerals. by sheelanagigcomedienne on October 8, 2012

I took a funeral for a woman whose children attended Chiswick School whilst Dave taught there. Her three children came to our house for the visit to make arrangements and they got to meet ‘Mr. Rathbone’. Their mother was a very popular woman and her children paid wonderful tributes to her at the crematorium service, including a piano piece by one of her daughters. We sang her signature song TAKE IT TO THE LIMIT by the Eagles.  Further reminiscences of her at the venue, the City Barge on Strand- on- the Green, were very funny and very appreciative of her. It was a most celebratory funeral.

The second funeral was of a woman who had worked as an administrator of a children’s service in Westminster. Just as we were about to enter the crematorium I noticed a friend of mine who happens to be chief executive of a large early years organisation and we made the connection that Barbara had been a much valued member of her staff.  I checked with her and the family and she agreed to give an impromptu tribute which was lovely.  The main song was by Will Young as he was a great favourite of Barbara’s and she even had a poster of him in their home!

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