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Naming ceremony for Ophelia on the bandstand in the garden of the Horniman Museum.

Posted in Horniman Museum and Garden for Baby Naming Ceremonies, Horniman museum for naming by sheelanagigcomedienne on December 6, 2012

Grand piano at wedding Clapham CommonI conducted a NAMING ceremony for Ophelia on the bandstand in the garden of the Horniman Museum. It was a frosty, sunny day with a great view and mulled wine was served which acted as hand warmers. I did ask Richard why he had a penchant for bandstands when it comes to the venue for humanist ceremonies as they had their wedding on the bandstand on Clapham Common with accompaniment of music played on a white grand piano. I reckoned he was a either a frustated bandleader or a showman- or both.

The Horniman Museum and Gardens, an inspiring, surprising, family-friendly, free attraction in South London’s Forest Hill.Horniman Museum and Gardens 


The museum was founded by Frederick John Horniman, who had inherited his father’s Horniman Tea business, which by 1891 had become the world’s biggest tea trading business.

The cash from the business allowed Horniman to indulge his lifelong passion for collecting, and which after travelling extensively had some 30,000 items in his various collections, ranging from natural history , cultural artefacts and musical instruments.





horni conservindexHorni banner_Gardens1Horni weddingwpid2352-IMG_Sal-0157-1024x682

HorniMusicGallery2Horni AfricanWorlds2Horni Aquarium2





In 2004 the museum encountered problems receiving emails due to the modern coonotations of its name confusing pornography filter. Oh dear, Horniman not to be confused with horny man.

horniSheep_TedHorni Sheep_SpotandTedHornimPygmyGoat_Flymohorni Alpaca_GandP

















Home to alpacas, goats, sheep, guinea pigs, rabbits, chickens and more, the Animal Walk guides visitors on a walk through the centre for a close up view of the animals.

The Animal Walk further brings to life founder Frederick Horniman’s vision of an outside space reflecting the Museum’s collections. Linking to the Museum’s Natural History collections, it looks at the connection between domesticated animals and their wild relations, and why people live alongside domesticated animals.

Horni imagesHorni walrus


photo of Horniman Museum from the front

It really is a great place for children and the cafe has sumptious grub. I always seem to get some quirky things from the shop, especially children’s musical instruments. This time it was christmas tree decorations.


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