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Humanist mythmas tree topper

Posted in Humanist mythmas tree topper by sheelanagigcomedienne on December 10, 2012

Mythmas tree  Mythmas tree topper. This humanist symbol made by colleague in DIY mode who said . All you need is an old washing up bottle, some sticky-backed plastic and a pipe cleaner.

Christmas cracker

The British royal Family has always been a great patron of Tom Smith crackers and regularly orders them for its Christmas celebrations.

Pussy cat santa











The tree indoors is the best part of the the winter, jolly, holly holiday for me. You can stuff the rest – the turkey, sprouts, crackers,  paper hats, and especially the silliest story that is believed in by gullible folk- that is the story  of a baby god being borned in a stable from a teenage Mum who was impregnated by a ghouly ghost. dogs funny-nativity-

The stable had some animals but  NOT  a donkey  according to the guy, Benny Dick, who acts as business manager of the dude Jesus. Jesus was the bloke who had a serious mental health problem in his delusion that he was the creator of the universe.

Other strange bits of the Nativity Panto are 1) teenage virgin giving birth, 2) finding a stable by following a star, 3)wise guys bring strange presents frankincense, myrrh and gold, 4) Herod killing babies, 5)no room in the inn,  6) angels with wings,  7) shepherds wearing tea towels,  8) old man with beard Jospeh, the carpenter husband of Mary Virgin, 9) no midwife or any other women, 10) a birth scene without a birth and shouts of PUSH

It is incredible and very, very scary that millions believe the story of the baby god although it all happened 2012 years ago! The legacy of that one nutter is enormous.





Have a cool yule all, enjoy the winter festival and remember that spending on more things is NOT good for us or the planet.



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