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My unpublished letters to the Guardian and gender count of letters.

Posted in Gender Count of letters to the Guardian by sheelanagigcomedienne on January 2, 2013

New Year’s resolution to blog my unpublished letters to the Guardian AND do a regular gender count of letters to the editor. The ratio is abysmal and needs to be recorded for us to challenge the representation of women in the media. There will, no doubt, be the occassional indeterminate ones as well as those from Keith Flett.

1st JAN 15 total 1.

2nd Jan 16 4 women and Keith Flett.

3rd Jan 18 letters,1 woman writer

Fr1 4th Jan 21 letters 1 woman writer,  3 indet.

Sat 5th Jan 15 letters 4 women writers

Mon 7 Jan 13 letters 2 women, 2 indet

Email letter sent 2nd January.

Dear Editor,

I agree with Hannah Betts about marriage. (Comment 2/nd Jan).  As a celebrant I have been conducting weddings, gay and straight, for many years. As a feminist I recognise the objections to the institution but also see the practicality of it as I am now marrying couples,  gay and straight and those with and without children, who have been together for decades. I am totally bewildered by the masochistic tendencies of any couple wanting the blessing of  misogynistic/ patriarchal/homophobic religions.
I loved her description of the ‘purpled panjandram’ for bishops and the ‘cod -pieced one’ for the founder of the Cof E.

Yours sincerely,


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