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Guardian uses CHRISTENED instead of named, yet again

Posted in Andy Beckett trangresses Guardian guide on use of CHRISTENED by sheelanagigcomedienne on January 28, 2013

My bete noir of  misusing the word CHRISTENED occured, yet again, in THE GUARDIAN, despite their own style guide.

  • christened, christening

    only when referring to a Christian baptism: don’t talk about a boat being christened or a football club christening a new stadium; named is fine

Today 28th January 2013 Andy Beckett’s piece  trangressed this once again.

A user’s guide to artspeak

Why do so many galleries use such pompous, overblown prose to describe their exhibits? Well, there’s now a name for it: International Art English. And you have to speak it to get on. Andy Beckett enters the world of waffle

Surely no one sensible takes this jargon seriously?David Levine and Alix Rule do. “Art English is something that everyone in the art world bitches about all the time,” says Levine, a 42-year-old American artist based in New York and Berlin. “But we all use it.”…

They christened it International Art English, or IAE, and concluded that its purest form was the gallery press release

I will be attending our local Wandsworth SACRE meeting tonight. It is thankless and weird being a Humanist on the Standing Advisory Committee on Religious Education. It is a ridiculous situation whereby RE is not included in the National curriculum but the syllabus  is decided locally – hence the committee where I am in the company of religious supernaturalists.


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