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Room 101 Plastic flowers greenery

Posted in Plastic flowers at crems should be banned. by sheelanagigcomedienne on February 13, 2013

I hate plastic flowers/greenery anywhere and would consign them to room 101.

Plastic roses   plastic palm    Plastic flowersplastic fern

I do hate the Plastic shrubartificial box balls that people on our road have in their window boxes.

I think that crematoria should ban plastic flowers/greenery. Some Councils have banned them in their crematoria.

Derartificial box hedgeby City Council.

Silk Flowers, vases, wind chimes, candles, toys or ornaments are not allowed in any part of the grounds. These will be removed and disposed of without prior notice by us.

Grimsby Crematorium

Unfortunately some items that have been placed at the crematorium including CD holders, cards pinned in trees, wine glasses, empty cans of beer, candles, cuddly toys, wind chimes and balloons are not appropriate.

‘The majority of people want the crematorium and memorial gardens to be a quiet and appropriate place to remember their loved ones. Fresh plants and flowers are acceptable on the crematorium grounds.

‘All other items will be removed as they can often pose a health and safety risk and conflict with the majority of the crematorium users.’

THE DAILY MAIL The rules have outraged mourners who claim people should be allowed to grieve in their own way and point out many cannot afford to place fresh flowers on a plot every week.


Mortlake crem

Cemeteries and Crematoria Rules

Kerbs, railings and fences of any kind are not permitted. Plastic flowers are liable to damage and disappearance during windy weather.



The Board does however respectfully request that no items of a permanent nature be left, for example, photographs, vases, artificial flowers and wind-chimes.

MORTLAKE – isn’t it a great name for a crematorium. It is very busy and popular as it is by the river.


Here is a wreath Wreath for gangster refering ti tortureat Charlie Richardson’s funeral at Honor Oak.

240DC’ is said to be a chilling reference to Charlie’s preferred torture method: electricity


Flowers/wreaths at his grave.

Charlie richardson flowers
Of course, I think that there is an unhealthy attachment to graves and cemeteries. They are not the place to remember your loved ones. The increase in them in the last few years is still perceived as the Diana memorial effect.
This attachement to a grave, the feeling that they ought to tend to it and visit regularly does not help people with their bereavement. People can do their own shrines at home and should accept that cemeteries and crematorium are public property and that they have NOT  bought a bit of real estate for their own use.  It is NOT an allotment alternative either although they are very expensive.

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