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CHRISTENED misuse in the Guardian – again

Posted in CHRISTEN its misuse in the Guardian by sheelanagigcomedienne on February 18, 2013

I am still picking up these misuses of the word CHRISTEN in the Guardian.

This is what their advice states: christened, christening only when referring to a Christian baptism: don’t talk about a boat being christened or a football club christening a new stadium; named is fine

Here are some older ones

1)  The next one on 4th August  appeared in Monkey Business by Catherine Shoard which mentions an ‘orphaned chimp christened Caesar’.

2)  26th September in G2 by Imogen Fox about animal print cocktail jeans tells us that ‘a cabal of fashion experts has deliciously christened cocktail jeans’

3)  Another on 4th November commited by Marina Hyde  “Do you remember Alex James’s festival, which Lost in Showbiz christened Worstival”

Email to David Marsh the style editor of the Guardian/Obeserver 16-02 2013

Here is another CHRISTENED from the weekend magazine article Rock Chic on Pixie Geldof ” she and her sister Peaches where christened the Boomtown  Brats”

Honestly, I do not read the Guardian just to find them – they jump out at me.

11 July 2013another email sent to David Marsh who no longer acknowledges them!

I spotted another ‘christen’ in G2 today  11th July  on Arts page 16 1st paragraphh  ‘Oramo’s first chance to christen the relationship with his new orchestra’. 



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