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Ace Cannon music chosen for Jack Conquest’s funeral

Posted in Ace Cannon by sheelanagigcomedienne on March 13, 2013

I took the funeral  for Jack Conquest and the music his son chose was from an album by Ace Cannon whom I had not heard of before but he was a faAce Cannonvourite of Jack’s, and his great friend Trevor. Jack and Trevore were friends from their schooldays in Lucknow India at La Martinier College and used to play this when they first came to London and regarded themselves as a pair of cool dudes.

Sam Phillips, the legendary Memphis record producer and owner of Sun Studios once said, “Ace Cannon is the greatest saxophone player who ever lived, but then he came out of the same stables as Carl Perkins, Elvis, Jerry Lee and Bill Justice.” Dubbed the “Godfather of Sax,” by Phillips and Joe Coughi of Hi Records, Cannon is best known for his instrumental hit, “Tuff,” which he recorded in 1962.

TuffAce Cannon – YouTube

Another Oh bit for my obits was the descriptive names for some of Jack’s pub mates:  daft Cumbrian, Mad Yank, John the Greek, Tom, Windows Terry, Dave the Gas, BT Dave and the Big Scot to name but a few


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  1. Oggie conquest said, on July 11, 2014 at 11:06 pm

    Googled dads name and i found your funny names and kind words…thank you, extra funny cos our mum was ex-communicated cos of his bad behavior and thinks dave allan is the antichrist!! Wicked…! X

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