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Mortlake Crem is where Mrs T will be burned.

Posted in Mortlake Crematorium where Mrs T is to be cremated by sheelanagigcomedienne on April 13, 2013

I am conducting a funeral on Wednesday 17th April at nearby Putney Vale Crematorium when Mrs Thatcher will be cremated at Mortlake. The  Lady is for burning.  I would pop over and do the honours for no extra cost.  A state/military type funeral costing £10,000,000 is disgusting. There are those who might have favoured a funeral pyre send- off, like the one Joan of Arc had,Joan of Arc deathand others would prefer the ‘leave it to the vultures’ option.

The deceased’s body is taken up to a raised structure called the Tower of Silence and left there to be devoured by vultures. exposure death

I will be wearing red that day – a riot of red as suggested by a Guardian letter writer. Red was not a colour favoured by the woman who who was one of the most divisive British Prime Ministers.


Thatcher: A divisive force even in death –

Thatcher: A divisive force even in death

(CNN) — In the week between her death and her funeral, Britons are having an awkward time coming to terms with the legacy of Margaret Thatcher, a prime minister who last held office 23 years ago — meaning no one under 40 could have voted for her, yet the mix of anger and admiration is spread across the generations.WATCH: Not everyone’s mourning Thatcher’s death

Why then does Thatcher continue to cause such trouble after her death? In years to come, it may be regarded as significant that it came on the day many of the coalition’s austerity cuts started to bite. On April 8, major benefit curbs took effect while the top rate of income tax was cut from 50% to 45% for those earning more than £150,000 (230,000), and the coalition government is attracting much flak for its economic policies.

margaret and dennis

This is from Sue Cameron Daily TelegraphMargaret Thatcher: not a lady in red

Margaret Thatcher knew how to use her “girly” side to send signals and issue put-downs. She once told me that she liked wearing red, but rarely did as PM because politically it was the “wrong” colour. Significantly, perhaps, she wore a dark red outfit the day she finally left Downing Street. Yet it is in her signature Tory royal blue that we will remember her – though she could be more adventurous with colour and pattern in the evenings.

Dressed in a long, floaty floral chiffon, she was once circulating at an evening reception when a Tory MP came up and complimented her saying: “Margaret – you look stunning tonight!” Fixing him with a steely eye she replied: “And when don’t I?”

On one occasion she herself was on the receiving end of a glorious sartorial put-down. She had an audience every week with the Queen. Once, to her horror, she turned up in a dress almost identical to the Queen’s. Determined to avoid such embarrassment again, Thatcher ordered her staff to call the Palace ahead of every audience to ask what the Queen would be wearing. An aide duly did so the following week. The Palace refused to say, adding that such calls were quite unnecessary and explaining sweetly: “Her Majesty never notices what other people wear.”

With her other fancy man, Ronnie, who was an ex film star and President of the USA.

Spitting Image puppets of Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan

Mrs T Mrs T PosyThe Iron lady

and Joan of Arc, who also tried to bring harmony also!!

Joan in armour

The hearse arriving at Mortlake crematorium at 4.30 0n 17th April.  Mortlake with Thatcher hearseThe funeral cortege arriving at 4.30pm at crematorium gates, which were guarded by two police officers.

Another two police officers saluted as the hearse went into the grounds, followed by two Jaguar cars and a Range Rover.

Two coaches carrying guests had arrived at the crematorium half an hour earlier.

I thought the reference by the Bishop of London to the Tolpuddle martyrs was interesting. According to the Mail The Bishop of London raised eyebrows with his address, referring to the Tolpuddle Martyrs and how Lady Thatcher was just an ‘ordinary’ woman in a series of barbed comments.
He said:Her upbringing was in the Methodism to which this country owes a huge debt. When it was time to challenge the political and economic status quo in nineteenth century Britain, it was so often the Methodists who took the lead. The Tolpuddle Martyrs, for example, were led not by proto-Marxists but by Methodist lay preachers.’

The Mail had to explain: The Tolpuddle Martyrs were a group of six agricultural labourers from the village of Tolpuddle who founded the very first trade union movement in protest at the lowering of their wages. They were convicted of contravening the obscure law of swearing a secret oath and transported to Australia for seven years.
The funeral I conducted was for a woman who had been a long serving Headteacher in Fulham Cross School. There were lovely tributes from family, friends and colleagues at the crematorium and at the ‘afters’ and Music was from Fidelio, The Emperor Concerto, Richard Strauss Lullaby sung by Jessie Norman and the Beatles ‘Let it be’. It was attended by former colleagues and pupils as well. Apparently, the school website attracted many appreciative messages from former pupils.

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