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Show Jesus and Mo cartoons supporting Maajid Nawaz

Posted in Jesus and Mo cartoons furore by sheelanagigcomedienne on February 2, 2014

We should all take ‘I’m Spartacus’ type action   I’m SpartacusSpartacus (8/9) Movie CLIP (1960) HD – YouTube by displaying some of the amusing Jesus and Mo cartoons. Jesus and Mo

The Guardian 28th January: The row blew up after Nawaz took part in a BBC debate where two students were wearing t-shirts depicting a stick figures of stick figure of Jesus saying “Hi” to a stick figure called Mo, who replied: “How you doin’?”

The politician, who is founder of the Quilliam Foundation, an anti-extremist think-tank, tweeted what he believes is a “bland” image and stated that “as a Muslim, I did not feel threatened by it. My God is greater than that”.

This sparked a petition to have him dismissed as a parliamentary candidate, including by Mohammed Shafiq, a Lib Dem activist, and a series of death threats.

Last week, Nick Clegg, the Lib Dem leader, intervened to say he strongly supported Nawaz’s right to express his views and condemned death threats as “totally unacceptable”.

Yesterday, Nawaz and Shafiq released a joint statement saying: “We now call on those on both sides of this argument to return to moderate debate, free of insult and threat and we do so because we believe this is in the interests of our party, of the wider Muslim community in Britain and of the principles of peace to which Islam is committed.”

Shafiq, who is chief executive of the Ramadhan Foundation, later said on Twitter that he continues to think Nawaz’s position as a parliamentary candidate is untenable and strongly objects to his tweeting of the

Jesus and Mo care      Jesus and Mo cat

I have enjoyed and been uplifted by these cartoons for some years as the National Secular Society Newsline depict them.

I am surprised that there doesn’t seem to be any bleatings complaints from the Jesus camp foll0wers as their main chappie is depicted in bed with another man AND referred to as a prophet and not GOD ALMIGHTY which they believe him to be.

Jesus and Mo christmas        Jesus and Mo black egg


The Lib/ Dems response has typically been a bit of  of a shambles as they still don’t understand either their liberal bit or their  democrat bit, especially Paddy Ashdown. They have also got their knickers in a twist over their Lord Rennard who is accused of sexual harassment but who has his own ‘little black book’ his party’s sex scandals to expose if he is expelled from the party.

Maajid Nawaz wrote a ccolumn in the Comment is free in The Guardian on Tuesday 28th January

Why I’m speaking up for Islam against the loudmouths who have hijacked it

Maajid writes; I am acutely aware of the populist sentiment in Britain that derides Muslims who seek special treatment for their sensibilities, so I tweeted the bland image and stated that, as a Muslim, I did not feel threatened by it. My God is greater than that.

By the time the week was up I had received death threats, the police were involved, and a petition set up by some conservative Muslims to have me dismissed as the Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for Hampstead and Kilburn had gained 20,000 signatures. Then a counter-petition went up in my support, and many liberals jumped to my defence. In other words, all hell broke loose. So why did I do it?

Why I’m speaking up for Islam against the loudmouths who have

Meanwhile the artist behind the Jesus and Mo was interviwed by the peace man PAXMAN –  playing God, Judge and Jury –  on Newsnight. Note quizzical sneer.

Jesus and Mo (and Maajid Nawaz) – YouTube


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