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Stop the demolition of Water Pumping Station Battersea


This Victorian two story building is part of our Victorian, riverside heritage alongside its newer internationally known neighbour – The Battersea Power Station but equally deserves to preserved on this hugely significant regeneration site.  The people of Battersea and all those who care about our bricks and mortar industrial heritage and the psychological need we have to conserve it amongs the new developments.

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We need the small brick built Victorian Water Pumping Station Building as much as its colossal neighbour. The two side by side are a wonderful representation of the the 20th and 21st cnetruy brick built architecture.

Water Pumping Station Battersea riverside next to Battersea Power Staion

‘s Water Pumping Station Battersea riverside next to Battersea Power Staion

Water pumping station and its later neighbour Battersea Power Station

Water pumping station and its later neighbour Battersea Power Station

This petition has been set up Petitioning Councillor Mrs Sarah McDermott

We, the undersigned, ask Wandsworth Council to refuse listed building consent application 2014/1236 for the demolition of Battersea Water Pumping Station.

Please sign as this goes to the Council Planning Committeee Meeting on Tuesday

Petition | We, the undersigned, ask Wandsworth Council to

Battersea Water Pumping Station is the oldest surviving water pumping station in London.

It was built in 1840 for the Southwark Water Company and extended in 1856.  It housed a series of Cornish engines used for pumping water from the Thames.  At one time the pumping station housed the largest Cornish engine ever built, with a 112″ diameter cylinder.

The building was listed Grade II in 1994.

The pumping station commemorates the rich industrial heritage of the Nine Elms and North Battersea.    It has great potential to encouraging young people to think of science, technology and engineering as important skills worth acquiring.

Retaining and preserving the pumping station would attract visitors to the site and therefore increase footfall for the new facilities that will be open to the public.  It is in everybody’s interest that it is preserved.

We ask Wandsworth Council to initiate discussions with the owner/developer so that the development can be reconfigured to incorporate the pumping station

We further ask Wandsworth Council to convene negotiations between the owner/developer and the Battersea Power Station Company Ltd (a local registered charity) to allow the pumping station to be passed into the latter’s ownership for £1, to allow them to renovate the pumping station with Lottery funding.

Sean Creighton & Keith Garner

June 2014

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The Battersea Power Station Community Group who have been custodians of our heritage against the giants of developers since according to Private Eye ( 7th March 1997) that forlorn symbol of Thatcherite free enterprise half-demolished by her friend John Broome before he went bust.   Power station groupBattersea Water Pumping Station

Here is an objection to the demolition written by Malcolm Tucker of the Greater London Industrial Archaeology Society September 2010 Battersea Water Pumping Station Assessment GLIAS comments 30 Sept 2010.pdf    The developers with the title  Real Estate Opportunities tell it all!

The new lot of international vultures  The Battersea Power Station Development Company, the British-based consortium representing the new Malaysian owners of the iconic south London site, has lodged its detailed plans for the first phase of an £8bn redevelopment and it includes former Battersea Water Pumping Station.

Victorian society logoThe Victorian Society submitted their horror and disappointment at this proposed demolition.

Battersea Power Station plans threaten hidden industrial gem

The plans put forward by developer go against government planning advice, which says that a listed building should not be demolished unless efforts have been made to find a new use, or to transfer the building into charitable or community ownership. The Society is concerned that these efforts were never made and now a significant historical building could be lost.

it is hard to believe claims by the developer that the entire scheme for the power station and the regeneration of the surrounding site is rendered unviable if the pumping station is kept.

‘It is wonderful that Sir Giles Gilbert Scott’s power station is to be given a new lease of life, but it mustn’t be used as an excuse to demolish another listed building. It may dwarf its neighbour in size but in terms of historical significance to London the pumping station can hold its own and must not be lost.’

It has suffered from the same neglect that has befallen the power station, and like the sleeping giant that dwarfs it, it has been proclaimed as unrestorable by the developers and therefore fair game to be knocked down to make way for gated communities and a retail hub.

The only reason to demolish it is that it allows the power station owners to maximise profits and for Wandsworth Council to show how it stands up for international development corporations against those who want to curtail their profits and futuristic visions. Ravi Govindia and the Council should be, as ever,  ashamed of themselves as they ignore their local residents in their endeavour to show how Tory and capitalistic they are as they wish to glory in the largest commercial redevelopment in Europe.

The last time I visited the Power Station was for a meeting with Ed Miilliband speaking. This photo shows me in red coat and the back of my head revealing my white roots which gives ammunition to my children’s complaint of me having a hole in my head. I should wear a red beret like Suzanne did.

Milliband at Battersea Power Station and showing the back of my head with white roots.

Milliband at Battersea Power Station and showing the back of my head with white roots.



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