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Giles Fraser fancies himself as a loose canon

Posted in Rev Fraser weird superstitious one by sheelanagigcomedienne on November 2, 2014
I think Giles Fraser is arrogant, smug and hypocritical and unashamed of the privileges he has as a reverend/vicar/canon/priest of the state  Church of  England. He is one of the god squads spokesmen persons  on behalf of the CofE and has a weekly column in The Guardian with his self-styled soubriquet of The Loose Canon.
 giles fraser
When he resigned from St Paul’s in October 2011 Stephen Bates from the  Guardian wrote Giles Fraser: the jeans and T-shirt wearing cleric of St Paul’s

On the face of it, Giles Fraser is an unlikely looking cleric. Bald, jovial, worldly, ferociously bright but genial towards those within the fractious Church of England who disagree with him, his favourite form of garb is jeans and T-shirt.

It is a uniform in keeping with the 47-year-old’s support for Chelsea football club and his determinedly demotic persona, though he had to change into a more conventional dog-collar and black suit when translated from his parish in Putney to St Paul’s two years ago.

Looks are deceptive though: Fraser is the son of an RAF officer, educated at Uppingham private school and Newcastle University and latterly a lecturer at Wadham College, Oxford. He has been a regular lecturer at military staff colleges and at one stage considered becoming an army chaplain.

His family background is Jewish, and he was a teenage Trotskyite before converting to Anglicism at university. His doctorate comes from a thesis on the 19th-century German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche who famously declared that God – at least in the old-fashioned sense – was dead.

Giles in fancy dress but not goth porn

Giles in fancy dress but not goth porn

I was riled when I read his admission in his column 23rd June 2012 that he used his dog collar as a pass ‘access all areas’ in hospitals. Obviously, I was riled by his gloating about his CofE privilege and shocked that he could turn up unannounced at someone’s hospital beside AND in his own words ‘not unlike a visit from the grim reaper’.giles and dawkins

Then there was the one about how Bishop’s should lie about being sexually active gay men – it’s the Cof E way!

He is not cute looking like the TV trendy young vicar Rev played by Tom Hollander.tom rev

Here is my letter to the Guardian about his accusation that  ‘The irreligious are often the most superstitious about death’ with references to goth porn , funerals for complete, utter bastards and a dozen or so congregation for his evening service on Halloween.girls-goth-prom-queen-costume
goth bride

Girlie goths

Girlie goths

bastardempty church

 Dear Editor,

It is rum that the C of E spokesman Rev Fraser claims ‘the irreligious are often the most superstitious about death’.(Saturday 1st November). He tells us that he takes non-religious funerals for friends, presumably leaving out Jesus,God, Holy Ghost and a heavenly afterlife and devoid of his dog collar and priestly smock, but that he is glad for Christian liturgy when he has to take one for complete and utter bastards. Of course, it helps to fill up the time to justify his fee.

I have taken hundreds of funerals as a Humanist celebrant (including Dave Allen’s) I can assure him that those attending tell me that they are very different from a typical CofE one without any hymns, sermons and prayers but focused on the person’s life and allowing for tributes from kith and kin which is why people are attending the funeral.
He sneers at recent widows who describe themselves as non-religious who talk about their husbands whom they feel are still with them and because his daughters are dressed in ‘gothic porn’ for Halloween that he comes up with his conclusion that it is not he that is ‘the weird, superstitious one with funny attitudes to death’ but us.

I think it is only fair that the irreligious be given a column for their ‘thought for the day’, especially giving a voice to heathen women as the god and anti-god squad are so very male.

 Yours sincerely,
 Jeanne Rathbone
I do feel better for my little rant, especially on a Sunday. How I hated Sunday’s in Ireland in the fifties. There was nothing to do, except be dragged to mass in Salthill church when us girls used to have to cover our heads – the Catholic version of the hijab- and weara little black mantilla. Mantilla

Why Women Wear Mantillas In Church | Catholicism Pure …

This act of partially concealing a woman’s physical beauty (especially her lovely hair) is so that the beauty of God may be glorified instead. A veil is both a symbol and a mystical sacrifice that invites the woman wearing it to ascend the ladder of sanctity. It is also a way of emulating the Blessed Virgin Mary, in her humility, purity and submissiveness.



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