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Notable Women of Lavender Hill Walk

Posted in Notable Women of Lavender Hill Walk by sheelanagigcomedienne on May 11, 2018

I will be leading a walk on Sunday 10th June 2.00 starting at Battersea Town Hall as part of the Battersea Society contribution to the Wandsworth Heritage Festival.

Meet my new best friends!


The tour that I will be leading features 9 Significant Women of Lavender Hill starting at Battersea Town Hall which is on the site of Elm House the home of

Jeanie Nassau Senior, first woman civil servant, mezzo soprano, social welfare activist

Charlotte Despard  Socialist and Sinn Feiner Suffragette, Battersea parliamentary candidate 1918

Caroline Ganley CBE, JP first working class women with elementary education elected MP 1945-1951 who will be commemorated with a Battersea Society blue plaque on her home in 5 Thirsk Road later this year,

Marie Spartali 1844-1927 Pre Raphaelite artist and model lived at The Shrubbery Lavender Gardens,

Deaconess Isabella Gilmore 1842-1923, Succourrer of the Poor Clapham Common Northside,

Biddy 1871-1966 socialist/feminist and Elsa Lanchester, 1902-1986 Hollywood actress – The Bride of Frankenstein – who lived at 27 Leathwaite Road

Laura Barker 1819-1905 composer Lavender Sweep House married to playwright Tom Taylor

Pamela Hansford Johnson novelist CBE 1912-1971 lived at 53 Battersea Rise.

There will be a £5.00 charge for this walk. Please book email or phone 0207 228 2327

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