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St Patrick’s Day Trafalgar Square

St Patrick’s Festival was held on Sunday 18th at Trafalgar Square. It was nothing compared to the St Patrick’s Day event during the Ken Livingstone era. It has all become Guinness, green and leprauchan hats just a load of Paddy whackery and sham craic like the shamrock which is clover. Shamrock is not an ersatz rock no more than shampoo is fake crap- Ho ho.

The  shindig was not as well attended as the Jubilee gardens events used to be. Acts were mainly male  except for the token female Gemma Hayes.I enjoyed some of Hammerstep – but what about the zombie tricolour costumes?

La Fheile Padraig Irish Dancing St Patrick’s Festival 2012 Trafalgar

Hammerstep emailed me: It’s great to see footage of the screens. We just posted the official video including some London in the Morphsuits and Sneaking the Mayor of London before we hit the stage.       hammerstepcrew

They are great.

Hereis an item from inside ireland website.

By Sarah Greer

Neo-Irish dance group Hammerstep were the talk of this year’s St Patrick’s Day celebrations, as they headlined London’s St Patrick’s Day Festival at Trafalgar Square.

The group, who formed in Boston in 2009, are pushing the envelope of Irish tradition, by integrating hip-hop, beatbox, comedy, DJ skills and electric fiddle into their unique style of dance performance.

The crew’s first UK performance was in Islington in May 2010, and have recently performed alongside Dara O’Briain on the West End’s Palace Theatre. Their jaw-dropping performance at this year’s St Patrick’s Day festivities were enjoyed by over 15,000 people.

Hammerstep are the same group that brought the epic St Patrick’s Day flash mob of 2011 under their street alias ‘Sneaky Steppers’. This has accrued 2.3 million hits to date, making it one of the top 10 most shared flash mobs of all time.

The group’s stage and street initiatives are inspiring other groups across the globe to follow suit and break the barriers of traditional Irish dance. Jason Oremus, co-founder, said: “We are trying to make Irish dance culturally relevant again on an international level, recognising and harnessing the similarities between Irish, tap and hip hop cultures.

“Hammerstep attempts to integrate these art forms into a unified movement that can ultimately provide commentary on larger social and political issues.”

Their latest video, ‘From the Street to the Stage’, opens by highlighting their dance-ambush tactics throughout London over this year’s St Patrick’s Day weekend. The crew don one-piece, tri-colour Lycra suits as they journey into Trafalgar Square, while they ambush the public and even Mayor of London Boris Johnson along the way.

The video then features highlights of their intense performance in front of the 15-thousand-strong crowd, blowing away preconceived notions of what it means to be Irish.