Jeanne Rathbone

INFANT EXORCISM=christening=initiation into religious cult

Infant exorcism is the first of the religious rituals imposed on children by their parents and religious leaders and is common to most Christian cults.  It occurs in a church and includes water for symbolic cleansing to get rid of the devil and original sin from the baby.

I think this idea that a baby is born with sin and the devil in them is vile. I hope a time will come when this religious ritual will be deemed barbaric, abusive to children and outlawed. It is also appalling that it is used as entry criteria for state funded schools.

Here’s a description from a website.What Happens in an Infant Baptism Ceremony?

Baptisms are performed by immersion, infusion (pouring water) or aspersion (sprinkling water). The child is presented for whatever method the church uses by the parents. In all churches, the child is presented to the priest/minister at a receptacle called a “baptismal font” that holds water that has been blessed according to the rules of the denomination. Often, there are “sponsors” or “godparents” present who promise to support the parents and child. In some churches, these people actually promise to become parents to the child if the parents should not be present or die. The child asks for baptism through her parents or sponsors and is immersed, washed or splashed with water that has been blessed and is perceived as “holy water” by the priest/minister and congregation. The ceremony always includes the naming of the child and a commitment to God.

Roman Catholic and Orthodox Christians tend to have very strict rituals for baptism. In both churches the first event in a baptism is an exorcism and renunciation of evil, directed by the priest.

Entering the Church

  • The priest asks the parents as they enter the church if they want to bring their child up as a Christian. The parents answer that they do if they want their child baptized. Then the priest, parents and god-parents trace a cross on the child’s forehead. The significance of this act is to indicate that the child is now a child of God and not Satan. The child usually wears a white gown as a symbol of her new life and to indict her innocence and rejection of sin.

The Ceremony

  • The ceremony starts with the priest reading a short passage from the Bible and briefly explaining it. Then a few prayers are made for the child and for the parents raising the child. The priest performs a quick exorcism to cast out the “power of Satan” and to “free the child from Original Sin.” The priest then anoints the child with oil of catechumens. The parents promise that they believe in God, the Holy Spirit and Jesus and reject Satan.

Read more: What Happens at Baptism in the Catholic Church?

Of course, I think we should have baby naming ceremonies instead.

Sophia’s naming

BABY NAMINGS. « Sheela-na-Gig aka Jeanne Rathbone

Tulip’s naming

Lauren’s naming Syon Park

Catholics have further rituals that they impose on children. CONFESSION and HOLY COMMUNION ( when a child is seven) and  CONFIRMATION (aged about twelve).  Children should also be protected from having these imposed upon them.

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