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4thought.tvJeanne Rathbone – Channel 4

I took part in this Channel 4 version of ‘ thought for the day’.  It  was broadcast on 18th October 2011. A one hour interview with the lovely Muireann Mc Ginty  reduced to 2 minutes!  I was cut  off in mid flow which amused my children.

Here’s how they described me:   Jeanne Rathbone was born and raised as a Catholic but converted to Humanism in her early teens. Jeanne thinks that religious ideas of an afterlife patronise individuals into believing in something that doesn’t exist.                  

Here is a biased opinion of it from my colleague Isobel – ” Centred, compelling, articulate, relaxed.. Brilliant! I thought you did a superb job”.

Billy wrote: The twinkle in your eye confirmed the wonder of humanism + superb little spot of PR too
Nice line – ‘…….basically like porn – a male fantasy’

Here are some comments from people who approved.

Tony Fisher 18 Oct 2011 20:01

Complete common sense. God? Afterlife? End of the World? Day of Judgement?

Ridiculous concepts; we live in the C20th, not the dark ages.

Neil 18 Oct 2011 20:01

Have to agree, all the heaven, hell, gods, evelasting life, big brother in the sky watching you mumbo jumbo just doesn’t stand up to reason

Wendy 18 Oct 2011 20:03

I’m with Jeanne! Day of reckoning? No, you hopefully get your comeuppance in your lifetime. I must identify myself with Jeanne and say I, too, am a humanist. No gods or angels or devils. Mother Nature and her forces explain it all. We are being so disrespectful and ungrateful for what we have been offered in this beautiful Earth. End of the world? Maybe, do we know? I’m reading a Stephen Hawking book just now– maybe he has the answer.

Pearl Macfarlane 18 Oct 2011 20:05

Thank you so much for saying exactly what I have been saying forever. If I had not seen your face I would of thought I had written your script. Although I am sure you did not have a script, it was from the heart.

We are high animals therefore some of us cannot concieve that this is it. So we invent religions and superstitions to calm our brains. It has worked on the masses for millenium. I love the calmness in my brain that my personal honesty gives me. Well done x

g.williams 18 Oct 2011 20:06

WELL DONE JEANNE if we had no religion there would be NO MORE WAR. The real benificiaries of religion are the people who are trained to instill fear of invented gods, into impessionable/gullable people.

Tony webb 19 Oct 2011 01:19

The voice of reason at last! Any chance that Jeanne could be given her own series? Totally fab and she’s from Ireland too…a land with more than its fair share of religious nutters! Thanks to C4 for giving her the chance to speak.


Prakster 24 Nov 2011 21:00


With respect, amongst many other countries, Ireland is a heavily conservative and deeply religious Catholic country. (I won’t go over ‘that’ subject), but listening to this woman was like a breath of fresh air. She has my respect for what she said, and this clip is stored on my hdd.

Some of the comments were irt judgement day. Will we be judged for rejecting jesus or will we be judged for being decent human beings who aren’t hypocritical, who don’t use religions to satisfy own own ends, desires, lusts and needs and other gory stuff, who help others without the need for after ‘death’ reward and can use our brains to think about how things work without accepting ‘the bible said it so god did it’ argument?

I bet if there was a god, probably a simple non gender being (like bacteria)(or a being that can shift gender to whatever it wants, like fish), would be proud of the accomplishments some of us ‘not religious that it takes over our lives like an endorphin addiction’ people have made, for personal and global stuff.

2012 is coming, let’s see what happens and then let’s hear the excuses afterwards.

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