Jeanne Rathbone

RELIGION is man-made.

RELIGION is merely a hypotheis. RELIGIONS cannot be true -any of them. They are very like a VIRUS.

Religion is defined as an understanding of the world through the supernatural. This usually is manifested in a belief in God/Gods and a life after we die. People like me, do not and cannot believe in supernatural beings or imagine what a ‘life after death’ might be like. I will admit that I can’t do sci-fi, horror or fantasy either whether it is on film or in a novel.

The words religion/religious are often misused. They are sometimes used to mean ‘morality’ or used to convey qualities similar to religion like having a dogma, rituals and the idolisation of an icon. Hence, folk say his religion is football or music or that communism is a religion. This is a misuse of words and as a philosophy graduate I know that we have to agree on terms before we can have a proper discourse. So there!

Religion was invented by men – males. They posited these supernatural ideas at a time when life was brutish and short and folk were illiterate and ignorant of science. Back then they very much believed in the supernatural in trying to make sense of the world and human life, especially the fact that we die. They reckoned they were controlled by gods/spirits who had to be appeased by sacrifices and they had a penchant for sacrificing female virgins. They also offered up young men and animals as sacrifices or scapegoats because, of course, it was older men who were in charge.

Religion is patriarchal and was invented as a simplistic way of controlling people. It is  thought control, par excellence. They came up with the notion that there was really only, one all powerful God who was the answer to most questions about the meaning of life and that there was another life after we die. These are the two basic tenets of religion. All else is incidental and specific to time, place and culture and which did and does, inevitably, lead to strife.

RELIGION is male fantasy and so is pornography. Is there a connection? Probably. Religion is man made . It was made up by men and any male construct should be regarded with suspicion as it will be in their interest and therefore probably bad for the world, women, children, and animals. That theory was definitely inspired by Sheela-na-Gig who is not a Goddess. She is only a stone carving but she inspired me to look at the world from her perspective. When those guys who wrote the bible came up with their fantasy stuff they called it ‘the gospel’. Hence, I call some of my theories about men and religion the ‘Gospel according to Sheela-na-Gig’.

This figment about an all powerful being/creature in man’s image who is the big Daddy and know-all, the superman was supposed to placate the masses about all their queries. This God they said was the creator of the universe. They had no proof, of course, they just said it and got the hapless, helpless masses to believe the theory. God is only a theory. Any theory needs to be proved before it is accepted as the truth. God is still a hypothesis in need of verification. We are still waiting for proof of God. We are still waiting for Godot.

The promise of eternal life was offered as the as the panacea for the fact that we die. All religionists are in denial of death. Religion is the infantilising comfort blanket. The macho, Judeo/Christian and Islamic religions have books that they claim are either the word of their God or inspired by him.  All these were written by men.

These were written at a time in the history of mankind when folk lead simple lives and were unable to read or write and with very little knowledge of the world. Some of the stuff contained in the books are, not surprisingly, very gruesome and sadistic – not nice.

Judaism came first and the main man of the Christians Mr. Jesus Christ, a hairy, hippy bachelor, probably gay was a Jew who claimed he was God.  Silly Christians couldn’t just stick with the one vague, omni everything kind of God. In their macho posturing they insisted that their’s is a three-in-one GOD. You expect it to be like the three bears story. There is the Daddy God, called God, the baby God called Jesus and the Mummy God called – there is no Mummy God only a fucking Holy Ghost.

They tell us that their God fellow has these other names as well and it really is very confusing for seven year olds. You have all heard what they call the ‘Lords Prayer’. So you have God, who is also called ‘Our Lord’.  And it goes ‘Our Father, wart in Heaven’. So then they have to tell you that he isn’t a wart up in the skies but that is like a second daddy that lives up in the clouds. And for some children who don’t have a Dad I don’t think it helps by telling lies and saying they have an invisible one up in space with the aliens and ET and all that. Then this prayer goes on to say Harold is his name. So, for starters he is God, their Lord, their Father who is a wart called Harold in Heaven!

What kind of twisted minds came up with the Holy Ghost instead of a Mummy God. Misogynistic bastards. That poor, unfortunate, teenage virgin Mary certainly had none of the joys of sex when she was poked/raped by that Holy Ghost. It is as if you’re your Christians reckon that if a girl/woman does not enjoy being fucked that she is still a virgin.  Well I can tell you no female finds the first time she is poked by a penis an erotic experience – it’s like a battering ram breaking its way through the hymen.   Great word that HYMEN obviously coined by men– like ‘Hi guys, welcome to my inner sanctum’.  Rubbish–its like a minor surgical operation which requires an anaesthetic and it is bloody, sore and it hurts. It should be available on the NHS. If not do use a stranger- someone your are NOT emotionally attached to. NEVER marry a VIRGIN- it is crazy behaviour.

Religions are obsessed by female virgins. It is, after all male fantasy –  JUST LIKE PORN. There’s their weird tale of Adam giving birth to Eve, from his spare rib. They’re just jealous that it is women who produce babies. That’s just a blatant example of their ‘womb envy’. These guys who made up all this stuff are just so resentful that it is women who give birth. They just can’t hack it that it is women who have babies, have the power to make a new life. Remember, that throughout history, actually herstory, a women always knew that she was the mother of her child but a man was never sure till DNA testing! Such insecurity gave them ‘womb envy’

We have established that God is a figment, God is a hypothesis. The concept of God was created by bullies to keep  people, especially women in their subservient place. These patriarchal religions infantilise their vulnerable believers. God was the answer to almost everything and a life after death was the big ‘con’ – to put up with shit in this world as they promised a better one, forever and ever. Surely, it is time that folk grew up and took responsibility for their own life and this world and stop waiting for God/Godot. It is only a male imagination that could invent the superman God.

Nietzsche wrote: ‘God is one of man’s blunders. God is the immemorial refuge of the incompetent, the helpless, the miserable’.

And here is what Martin Luther and Adolf Hitler said about Jewish people in the name of their God.

“Therefore be on your guard against the Jews, knowing that wherever they have their synagogues, nothing is found but a den of devils in which sheer self­glory, conceit, lies, blasphemy, and defaming of God and men are practiced most maliciously and veheming his eyes on them. –[Martin Luther, The Lies of the Jews, 1543]

“Hence today I believe that I am acting in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator: by defending myself against the Jew, I am fighting for the work of the Lord.” –Adolf Hitler (Mein Kampf)

You can see how dangerous any concept of God can be because he can be all things to all men. AVOID ALL GODS.

Given that porn and religious fantasy is man made you can be sure it is bad for women, children,  animals, the planet and men themselves. It is time for mankind to grow up and take responsibility for ourselves, each other and the planet and stop leaving it to God and waiting for another life after they die. We can not afford to leave things in the hands of people with such irrational beliefs.

We need to stand up and stop being ‘tolerant’ or ‘respectful’ of those beliefs and those who are imposing them, inevitably, upon us. We can not escape the influence of religion. We are very much affected by the power exerted by religious believers in public life whether they are politicians, teachers, church leaders, soldiers or terrorists. We need to challenge that power and the influence of religion on all of us. But especially beware of religious politicians. They wield real POWER.

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