Jeanne Rathbone

CHILDREN are the fodder for religions.

RELIGIONS ARE LIKE THE TOBACCO COMPANIES THEY NEED NEW RECRUITS FOR THEIR SURVIVAL. THEY NEED CHILDREN. Religions will die out UNLESS they suck children in. Children should be protected from religion, all religions. I know what your Catholics do. They get hold of innocent babies and perform a watery ritual which is an exorcism – ridding the baby of the ‘devil’ and ‘original sin’.This hideous, primitive, superstitious, practice is happening here and now. It is a ritual and it is abusive. I wouldn’t call it ritual child abuse but it isn’t right. Note the BHA  campaign about labelling children.

 Don't Label Me Billboards Campaign 

Then when a child is about seven that is when they are forced to learn the CATECHISM. There is some reference to this in the bible “Suffer little children to come unto me”.  This is the indoctrination  manual used in preparation for making their HOLY COMMUNION which is when they try to turn them into little cannibals. You would have a hard job to try and explain all this to an Extra Terrestrial. The Catholics get the scary nuns to do it. Catholic children start to learn big, strange words, many of Latin origin, when they get to seven.

By that age not only were we deemed to have reached the age of reason but we could read enough to know that God is a backward dog. I am a cat person but even I think it is insulting to dogs. I wouldn’t even know whether a dog was backward or just being doggy and being desperate to be man’s best friend. But I still think it is insulting to dogs.  Nevertheless I am glad that the men who dreamed  up the religious stuff- didn’t call their main man Tac.

I have been a budding atheist probably since then when the training to be a cannibal began starting with them getting us to eat wafers which they say is the flesh of the god/jesus.

Then they tell you he can see us all the time, spying on us even when we are in the toilet with our knickers down. Dirty old perv. Well I just kept telling this Godfella to feck off- that’s what we say back home as you know from Father Ted. Telling god to fuck off was swearing and one of the worst ever sins. I really liked being a sinner. We were told that we had to talk to God and that was called praying. So was saying nice things to him, telling him you’re sorry and begging big favours. But if you say ‘Oh, my God’ in the wrong voice it is swearing and that is one of the big sins from the list of ten which they call the 10 COMMANDMENTS. The first and most important COMMANDMENT that I had to learn was in funny English.

(1) I AM THY LORD THY GOD AND THOU SHALT NOT HAVE STRANGE GODS BEFORE ME.  Weird. It makes me think of the joke about the Englishman who was told of for farting before the Queen and he said ‘Sorry, I didn’t know it was her majesty’s turn to fart’. What is a seven year old to make of this COMMANDMENT. It seems that you can have strange gods after the LORD GOD but not before him nor does it say what you can do with the STRANGE GODS. Instructions for children should be clear and unambiguous.

While preparing to become cannibals at the FIRST HOLY COMMUNION we had to go to confession. That was when they made us go into this dark box, like two wardrobes attached and in one of these was an old priest with smelly breath and you had to tell him your sins. They liked to hear about us doing naughty things and I am sure they would have a wank whilst listening to our bad sins- that is when you disobey those commandments. We all liked the 6th commandment ‘THOU SHALT NOT COMMIT ADULTERY’ Isn’t that a great word ? ADULTERY –  the sin that ADULTS commit.



We were only seven!

Section 5 of the Thesaurus is devoted to religion, including their words for people like me. HEATHEN, PAGAN, INFIDEL, UNCIRCUMCISED, PROFANE, APOSTATE, IRRELGIOUS, ATHEIST, BLAPHEMER, IMPIOUS ETC. These I regard as compliments.

A lot of the silly stuff comes from the bible which is very very old. It is not funny. There is no humour in it, no jokes at all. I think it is really, really boring for children although some people claim that these old fashioned stories are entertaining. We heard it all from the nuns, they are moustached old women in black chador which they call a habit. They have weird habits. They wear these rosary beads, really big and jingly ones around their necks like the sort that Madonna used to wear before she went all Jewish Kabbala. We never saw their legs either. They used to glide along the shiny floors of the convent like they were on casters.

It was their job to tell us all about Jesus their main man who was this hairy hippy who probably sounded like Neil from The Young Ones. They loved him to bits. They all claimed that they were his bride. They had him under their duvet every night. So they make him out to be a rampant polygamist but that’s just to cover up that he was gay, with his apostle supper buddies, his enjoyment of weddings even supplying the wine when there was a shortage, the first celebrity chef doing a BBQ for 5000, that liberal thing of being nice to prostitutes and he had his own fag hag Mary Mag. He has certainly engendered loads of masochistic porn called the Passions of Christ. Like I said religions love sacrifices.

This Mr Christ claimed he was God making him the first well known schizophrenic, the first celebrity chef with his demonstration of a ‘how to produce a meal for 5000 using bread and fish’- a Derren Brown type showman with his tricks of seeming to walk on water, turn water into wine etc. Most importantly, he was Jewish. The crazy thing is that it was supposed to be the daddy God that sent him down to be killed because your religions have to have a sacrifice. But if he wasn’t killed there would be no Christianity. So, he had to piss off the authorities. He did this by saying he was God. It is well known in the mental health field that you are not supposed to encourage people in their delusions. I learnt that from Clare in the Community. If some man really believed he was Santa Claus you would have to tell him he wasn’t and that Santa did not exist.

Well the same argument applies to any man who claims he is God. Now if Jesus was living here he would have been sectioned and given medication but he would not have been killed. If it was now and he lived in America and other places he would have been electrocuted, given a lethal injection, hung, stoned or shot.

I think having a religion with a logo of a dead man on a pole is not nice for children.  It is gruesome. I said to a teacher from a ‘faith’ school recently thank goodness that having a ‘school assembly of a mainly Christian character’ at Eastertime doesn’t include an enactment of the gory crucifixion and torture of their main man hanging from a cross in a nappy. He told me that they did do it at the school he had attended. As there were children present I couldn’t ask him to elaborate. I assumed it was a public school, as they would find it easier to do that sort of thing.

I think that Xians came up with the baby jesus birthday stuff just to sell it to children and now we have all the ‘nativity’ plays, and the carols and cribs and all that slush as a way pushing the stuff on to children to get them hooked. Fortunately, they later learn to ‘Say No’ just like I did.

It does, however, confuse children. In these ‘Children’s letters to God’ when they ask these deep questions like ‘How did you know you were God’ and ‘I am English, what are you’?  and ‘Who draws the lines around countries’  you can see that telling them that God knows everything and encouraging them to write to him knowing bloody well they will get no answer is really rather cruel.

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