Jeanne Rathbone

The ANTI-GOD SQUAD is so very MALE too!

As we know, religion was invented by men to control the masses. Not surprisingly, they are very much concerned with relegating women to an inferior role  and prescribing female sexuality.

Guess what, the anti God squad is so macho too. There has been a spate of books written by men recently criticising religion.  Dawkins wrote ‘The God Delusion’ then Christopher Hitchens retaliated with his ’God is not great’ so that he could try to show that he was cleverer and wittier than Dawkins. AC Grayling’s ‘Against all Gods’ sounds very virile. There is one with a pretentious title: ‘Black mass: Apocalyptic Religion and the death of Utopia’ by John Gray. Dawkins is a little chap but he has been referred to as God’s rotweiller and he has been  adopted as the macho patron saint of Humanists and Atheists. He even got his own TV show attacking religion called ‘The root of all evil’. Well, if he thinks religion is the root of all evil and men invented religion then ergo ‘MEN ARE THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL’. I think that is putting it a bit too strong.

Charlie Brooker, what a sweetie, agrees with me. In one of his G2 columns he wrote about his own gender which reads like a manifesto for ‘A Women’s Political Party’. He says men ‘have made a testosterone–sodden pig’s ear of just about everything: politics, the economy, religion, the environment…you name it, it’s in a gigantic man-wrought mess. The world’s been one big dick-swinging contest’. He reckons that we need a ten year prohibition on male power, including the remote control’. He said men are very simple, lazy and like blowjobs and too stupid to save the planet and warns that us women will have to clean up the mess.

Come, on Charlie, that’s not fair to expect us to clean up the mess. We would need some help doing it. They will have to start with some of the housework. I’ll be honest and admit that I have never been one for domestic chores. Our Dad insisted that we took science instead of ‘home economics’ although it was called ‘domestic science’ back then. I gave up vacuum cleaning and ironing years go and you would never notice the difference. Dave does the dishes as I reckon I have sensitive hands that are even allergic to rubber gloves!

I know that we can’t afford to wait until males have mastered basic housework before we start on global cleaning, dusting, washing etc. But they must acknowledge that they caused all the problems by insisting that they were in charge of the world outside the cave, tent or home as they ran the churches, temple, mosques, palaces, armies, navies, factories, boardrooms, banks etc. What a botched job they have made of it.

Of course, Sheela-na-Gig reckons that the problem with men is their ‘womb envy’. As it is women who give birth this makes them rather powerful – a little bit Godlike. As men don’t make babies and are not very involved in caring for their offspring they do other things instead. Some of this is called work or employment and they get paid for it. Sometimes they work for other people who are in the business of making money and other times it might be for the rulers who run the countries and go to war with other countries that they don’t like or are jealous of because men are competitive. That is why they have pretend wars in their leisure time when they play and watch sports like football, cricket and other ball games and still have time to think about sex, using porn and prostitutes. They like  SUPERMAN fantasy and promote the JESUS and MOHAMED fan clubs. It does seem that the problem with men is that they have too much time to do all these things and are as Charlie said ‘simple, lazy and like blowjobs’.

I am fed up of the anti-God squad too. This might seem a bit odd coming from a practicing atheist. I wrote recently in a riposte to a fellow Humanist’s comment about my blog on Britain being a theocracy and said he takes the usual position of Cof E Humanists/atheists which is that other religions are worse –  the usual suspects are Catholic, Muslim and American evangelicals. He cited Iran and 20th Century Ireland as examples of ‘real theocracy’.  As an Irish person in the BHA I am well used to comments and jibes about Catholic Ireland and how the ‘troubles’ in the north were entirely religious and not as result of British imperialism.  The majority of BHA members, inevitably, are a product of their culture which is that of a colonial power and the Church of England. The Church of England, having being formed from the libidinous proclivity of an earlier king wanting divorce, is seen as a hobbity, Vicar of Dibley quaint, harmless institution. This national treasure with the Queen, as its Supreme Governor and ‘Jerusalem’ its anthem, is being sentimentally preserved and now regarded as ‘a bulwark against fundamentalism’. So, it seems that the monarchy and the C of E  has become the epitome of Englishness and must be protected from extinction by some Humanists!

Secular/humanist/atheist organisation are, inevitably, very male. The Humanist Philosophers Group is mainly a women free zone and they seem to be treated as the ‘Gods’ in this hierarchy. I am also a member of the National Secular Society and subscribe to ‘The Freethinker – the voice of atheism’ and these are very masculine institutions and not really the sort of place that an ageing, raging feminist would enjoy for very long having had the warmth and fun of women’s groups. C’est la vie. It’s a man’s world.

We do need to form women’s humanist/atheist groups but I certainly don’t have the energy to do it.  Even I was surprised at the misogyny of a Humanist group when I was invited to speak on ‘Does ‘to humanise’ mean ‘to feminise’? The last time I was convenor of a women’s group was in the 80s in Battersea Labour party and they made us disband cause they didn’t like some of the things we said about the men in the Labour party.

Meanwhile, I can just go on blogging and that should keep my blood pressure under control and my despair at how woman are still so excluded from where we could make a difference to the world. Charlie Brooker would be a good ally in this cause.  The support of men for female involvement and equality in all spheres economic, political, domestic, personal, in the media, science, technology etc. is crucial. Getting the vote, having a token female PM was never going to be enough. We are up against entrenched male power, misogyny and a capitalist, Christian culture that has persisted for centuries.  We need to hear from the feminatheists.

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